I’m so lucky to have made a career working at some of my favorite publications (and websites) and getting to work with a number of super-talented (and famous) writers. But editing is such a dance that it’s hard to “showcase” my contributions. I think the list of publications where I worked on staff, along with countless writers’ praise for my surgical work, is my best reference.

Staff Positions:
NextAvenue.org (lifestyle editor)
Pilates Style (editor in chief)
Vegetarian Times (editor in chief)
Redbook (senior editor)
InStyle (senior editor)
New York Woman (staff editor)
CableGuide (senior editor)
Spy magazine (copy editor)
Freelance Articles:
PBS.org, Huffington Post, Forbes.com, More.com, NextAvenue.org, Elle, Elle Décor, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Travelgirl, NY Daily News, Marie Claire, Every Day With Rachael Ray, Body & Soul, At Home, Islands, Greenwich, Westport, Sport Diver, Scuba Diving, Times of the Islands, All You, Fit, Fit Yoga, Green Guide, Weight Watchers, Alternative Medicine, Style & Tech for Men, custom publishing
And I wrote a book, with a foreword by Paul McCartney!
“Vegetarian NYC: The Essential Dining, Shopping + Lodging Guide”
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Personal: I’m based in Brooklyn, NY, but am an avid traveler (43 U.S. states, 58 countries and counting). I’d drop everything to go scuba diving, and I’ve logged close to 700 dives in incredible locations from the Caribbean to Micronesia to Indonesia. (I’ve covered most of the ’nesias.) Random facts: I have a grown son who’s teaching English in Morocco. I’ve got my Basic Keelboat Certification, practice Pilates, Gyrotonic as well as other fitness modalities, and speak Spanish and German poorly but enthusiastically. On the other hand, I know my way around a wine list and am learning to make a mean vegan cheese.